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Production Services

With hundreds of collective hours spent in various studios over the past 25 years, as musician, artist, and producer, Shane Barrett’s production abilities and accomplishments continue to mature and develop with every new project he is involved with. Barrett’s focus has expanded in the last five years, from overseeing demo productions and performing on others’ projects, to producing independent artists’ masters for EP projects.

Client Demo Production


Services include general guidance with regard to demo considerations and limited help/production in the studio with the demo process, as needed. Many songwriting clients simply need guidance regarding the style and direction on a newly written song. Barrett offers suggestions and opinions regarding the process of demoing certain songs. Because of the involvement in the songplugger group meetings with producers and A&R staff at major labels, he is up-to-date on current musical trends regarding demo styles preferred by those VIP listeners.


Any future production services that go beyond the demo session stage (ie: producing an album) would be separate and would involve additional fee structures.

Artist Production


The process of producing an artist encompasses various responsibilities. (Rates vary per project)


Artist Production Process:

In the beginning, Shane Barrett incorporates his background A&R experience of gathering songs for independent artists who choose not to write all (or any) of the songs on the album project or EP. Many artists may choose to record songs written by Nashville songwriters. If that option is determined, Barrett contacts publishers in Nashville asking them to send songs in the style that’s most suitable for the artist. Creative direction and guidance is the next step in the process of production. He listens to the many songs pitched and offers his suggestions and guidance to the artist. Guidance may also involve offering certain contact information for photographers and graphic designers of the actual CD/Album.


Barrett also offers budgeting assistance and guidance, as each artist determines the best course of action, based on their available resources for the project. He utilizes his extensive list of contacts in determining which musicians to hire and which studios to use for the project, often with the assistance of a top-notch, well-connected session leader.


Production in the studio includes the usual stages of pre-production and song-selection, tracking, overdubs of vocals and musicians, mixing tracks, and the mastering of the project.

Accomplishments in Independent Production


Produced EPs, released in 2014, by independent Country artists Rachel Lipsky (U.S.) and James Barker (Canada).


Currently producing 2nd EP for Independent Country Artist, Rachel Lipsky, 2015-2016.


Co-produced Tania Hancheroff’s Christmas single “One Night In Bethlehem”, which reached #1 on several independent Christian Music Charts in 2012, for GrandVista Music.



"Edgy, professional, organized, honest; these are just a few of the words that describe Shane Barrett as a producer. Willing to take chances and make the best project possible to showcase the artist’s potential while pushing the artist to new heights. Shane has an incredible ear to hear things most people would never be able to put their finger on. It’s exciting and a little bit scary to go into the studio to record a project, so organization is key for having a project come out the way you want it to and take your music career to the next level. Shane does a great job of communicating between the artist, band leader, engineer and studio. Shane is also realistic about being able to identify the possibilities of overtime with musicians, engineers and studios. Shane’s honesty comes from a place of wanting the project to come out the best it can and never makes you feel bad in the process. All in all, I’ve had nothing less than an amazing experience with Shane and am proud to have had him on my side as we record our projects."

-Rachel Lipsky



I had the opportunity of working with Shane Barrett on my first E.P. and can’t say enough about how well it turned out. Shane was very open to understanding what my vision was for the sound of the tracks. He was instrumental in finding the right bandleader and players, and the right studio to fit the style of the project. The result was a professional sounding recording, and I highly recommend Shane to anyone in the industry looking for a producer.

-James Barker



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