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Songplugging Services

Songplugging involves the process of “pitching” or presenting a songwriter’s song to producers, artists, A&R individuals, or managers. Meetings or direct pitches via email or online access to these individuals are for the purpose of securing a "cut" or recording by artists. Shane Barrett Music, LLC acts on behalf of individual songwriters or publishing companies to represent his or her songs. Shane Barrett chooses and presents the best suitable song(s) for the particular artist(s), which he believes will achieve a secure "cut" or recording.

Songplugging Services include:
  • Pitch songs from client's catalog(s) to artists, producers, managers, A&R and others.
  • Pitching efforts are made by both Shane Barrett, as well as by Melissa Solomon Barrett (in coalition with Shane Barrett Music, LLC, on behalf of Melissa’s company Curiosity Creatives).
  • Assist in the set-up of strategic co-writes between the client (and/or the client's signed writer(s) with other writers.
  • Provide opportunities for the client/writer to perform at certain writer shows as opportunities arise.
  • Mentor and promote the client's and/or writer's brand(s) to the market (ie: Nashville/Music Row and other markets such as the Canadian and Australian Country markets).
  • Regular distributions of the Shane Barrett Music, LLC In-House Tip Sheet to client(s) and their writer(s).
  • Relevant correspondence and email distributions regarding Music Industry News, Events and Market Trends.
  • In-person strategy meetings with client(s), as time allows.
Benefits of Shane Barrett Music, LLC.

Songplugger Groups:


  • Shane Barrett is a full-time, founding member of three top Music Row songplugger groups, Singles Only, Big Ol' Hitties (formerly known as Take A Hit), and The KarNASHians. Within each songplugger group are individuals employed in various positions and levels within notable publishing companies in Nashville’s music community.

  • Each songplugger group member secures numerous, strategic meetings with artists, producers, managers and A&R personnel for the entire group.

  • Strategic information and tips are shared weekly among group members in regards to which artists are looking for material, and any specifics relating to artist’s song searches.

  • Singles Only (recently retired) had a great seven-year run, and in addition to hosting many top-level pitch meetings with VIPs, the group also sponsored high-profile Writer Shows, featuring performances by some of Nashville’s most successful writers, as well as mid-level writers and up-and-coming writer/artists, all associated with one or more of the member’s companies. The shows were very well-attended by much of Nashville’s VIP community of A&R, record label executives, producers, managers, artists, and other songwriters and publishers.

Big Ol Hitties with Martina McBride
Singles Only show at Winner's venue
Tunes for Tails Benefit
Singles Only meeting with CMT
Singles Only with Kix Brooks
Singles Only with Casey James
Singles Only with Tony Brown
Singles Only Songwriter Show
Singles Only with Mark Bright & Kirsten Wines
Singles Only with Benny Brown
Singles Only with Michael Knox
Singles Only with Garth Fundis
Singles Only with Jeff Stevens
Singles Only with John Esposito
Singles Only Mtg with Gary Allan
Singles Only with Warner Music Group A&R
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